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Limits of Participants: 2500 Runners from all the world

Distances: K10, R20, K40, 50 miles and Valhalla Race 100 mile

More than 300 Historical and Architecture monuments Huge Lake Plesheevo, Infinity Snowy Open Space
18-19 December 2021
One of the Oldest City in Russia
the land of Alexander Nevski and Peter the Great
Amazing place to see and to run
Different beautiful landscapes, very reach history of the area, that is why we love to organize our winter trail here! ITRA member!


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Region RF


  • Valhalla Race
    8000 rub
  • 50 miles
    4200 rub
  • K40
    3200 rub
  • K20
    2700 rub
  • K10
    1700 rub
  • IceSprint
    800 rub
  • Ice Fun Run
    800 rub

I accept the terms and conditions of the competition
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Continue registration you accept personal data processing according Russian Federal Law N 152

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Race Schedule:
Race Day: 18-19.12.2020
Start Time:
Valhalla Race 18.12.2021 at 16-00 and 19.12.21 50miles - 8.00.
K40 - 9.00 , K10 and K20 - 10:30 if weather conditions will change on plus temperature, the start places and time will be changed too.
Start Location:
Start and finish: Azimut hotel Perslavl-Zalesskiy. Yaroslavskaya area.
Competition description:
Valhalla Race и Mad Fox Ultra – ice , surf, snow, forest, rugged terrain, ditches, rivers bend
The courses officially certified by ITRA.

To participate in the Mad Fox Ultra Valhalla Race you should prove your abilities by sending us you current results in the same hard races, other all runners must be over 18 years old.

To participate in the FUN RUN RACE , all runners must be from 0 to 10 years old with parents
To participate in the Teen Ice Race 3k all runners must be from 10 to 15 years old.

Age of participant is determined on the actual date of the competition and it is 19 December 2020.
The distance VR100-50miles-K40-K20-K10 requires a medical certificate with doctor permit.
Electronic registration will be open from 07.02.2021 to 15.11.2021. www.goldenultra.ru.
When registering, the participant is obliged to indicate his personal data in accordance with ID.
The participant is considered registered if he filled out the registration form and paid registration fee.
Registration of athlete will be canceled if participant has provided false, inaccurate or incomplete data. In case of cancellation of the registration money is not refundable.
To qualify into elite category, after electronic registration, the athlete or or his representative is required to send a request until 24.00 15.11.2021 to us. (email address info@goldenultra.ru) and provide confirmed results and qualifying time with certificates or other race results

All Payments is not refund. Re-registration to another person is not possible.
In the case of course changing from smaller to larger distance, all runners shall pay the difference to the actual cost by writing request. In the case of distance changing from larger to smaller distance surcharge is not possible.

If necessary change the distance, you can contact the organizing Committee by mail info@goldenultra.ru or go to the information Desk 18.12.2021 at the EXPO.

Conditions of admission
Runners without start numbers is not allowed.
To receive you start bag you should provide the original ID card and medical certificate

Weekend Schedule


11.00-20.00- EXPO working hours. Will be located on the territory of the Hotel "Azimut", start bags and bibs distribution.
16-00 Valhalla Race start
17.00-Pasta Party at the EXPO. Pasta Party ticket is included in the ticket price.
19-00 Briefing of the Race on the territory of the EXPO.
19-30 Race Briefing in English
20-00 Performances and Lectures about trailrunning


06.00-Opening start-finish Camp, opening dressing rooms at the start Area, Hotel Azimut, Mad Fox monument.
08.00 - Race start of participants on the course K70 in the starting area if strong ice
09.00 - K40 Start
10.00 - K10 Start
10.30 - K20 Start
13.00 Last finisher K10
11.30 am-Finish of the first Athletes in 40 km
17.00 - Finish of the Last Athlete at 40km
14.00 – Finish of the first Lifter 70 km
From 20: 00-Closing the finish line of a race K70
22.00- Valhalla Race cut off
22.00-Сlosing of the start-finish camp.

Registration fee
The amount of the registration fee is:
The distance VR100 – 8000 RUB
The distance 50 miles – 4200 RUB
The distance K40 - 3200 RUB
The distance K20 - 2700 RUB
The distance K10 - 1700 RUB
Teen Ice Race 3K – 800 RUB.
FUN RUN – 800 RUB.
Retiree's and Disabled persons, Veterans will receive 50% discount, but only if you pay in cash upon registration at the Expo or by agreement with the organizers by e-mail. You need to write on mail info@goldenultra.ru notification.
The transfer service is including in the fee.
Payment of registration fee
Payment of the registration fee from 06.02.2021 to 15.11.2021 is carried out by the participants via electronic transfer to: www.goldenultra.ru

Starting and Finishing Bag
Start Bag:
Bib number with chip;
Map of the route in accordance with the chosen distance;
The package and sticker for the camera storage; (K70 – 2 stickers)
Mini Bag;
Pasta Party Tickets;
Locker room;
Gifts from sponsors;

Brand new scarf
Locker and closet with the heating at the start and the finish
- Buckwheat porridge with dried fruit or stewed meat
- tea, water, bananas, bars
- for athletes on the 50 miles Trophy 50 miles Finisher
- for athletes on the K40 and K10-20 medal
Brand Vest for VR100, 50 miles sweat shirt and Long-sleeve for K40(accept for K10-20)
You can receive your Bib and Start bag with presentation of ID card, payment receipt and MEDICAL CERTIFICATE (the certificate is effective for not more than 1 year before the competition), indicating to which distance the Athlete admitted.


By bus
All Buses departing directly go from Central station in Moscow.
In the day, it takes few tranfers.
The journey time is about 2-2.5 hours.
The fare and schedule:


and arriving to Pereslavl-Zalesskiy bus station is in walking distance from the main city attractions.
City Trains
The train goes to the station Alexandrov. There you will have to switch trains to the train Yaroslavl direction.
Total journey time around 3 hours.
By car
The distance from Moscow to Pereslav-Zalesskiy is approximately 144 km, the duration of the trip will be about 2 hours.

Travel support

Pan Tours Company, official travel partner of Mad Fox Ultra, will help you to organize your trip to Russia - book accommodation, order a transfer, plan an excursion program, and provide visa support.

It offers accommodation in hotels of different price categories (including those near the start), special fares, early breakfast on the race day, and access to sports infrastructure of hotels.

For requests please email to Elena.larionova@ptours.net.

Travel visa

To enter the territory of the Russian Federation, citizens of most states are required to get a visa. If you are planning a trip to Moscow for the race, please specify whether citizens of your country need a visa.

You can get an invitation (visa support letter or tourist voucher) online via MyVisaToRussia.com service or by booking accommodation with the official travel partner or the official hotel.

Get visa invitation online now

Results Registration
The results of competitors will be fixed by:
Electronic timing system;
System of video-registration;
Manual recording of arrival by our Referees .
The final results will be publish on the website www.goldenultra.ru and on the pages of media partners no later than 28.12.2021, the organizing Committee does not guarantee the personal results of participants in the following cases:
Damage to the electronic bracelet (timing);
The loss of the start number;
Dear Athletes!
On our trail it is forbidden to litter. The neglect of this rule will entail disqualification.

The winners and Awards
Awards will be made at least as we will identify the winners 30 minutes after the finish at each distance.
Special prizes, trophy and prizes will be awarded in the absolute only. Athletes will be rank by 1-2-3 places at each distance in the categories of Men and Women.
Valhalla Race 100 miles
1st place 60000 RUB and trophy
2nd place 45,000 RUB and trophy
3rd place 30,000 RUB and trophy
1st place 40000 RUB and trophy
2nd place 30,000 RUB and trophy
3rd place 20,000 RUB and trophy
1st place 20,000 RUB and trophy
2nd place: 15000 RUB and trophy
3rd place 10000 RUB and trophy
For all Winners Awards!
Valuable prizes will be present and awarded to athletes who won 1-2-3 places in their age groups:
18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60 and further
The athlete, who finished 1st place overall and age group, a valuable prize is not awarded.
TEEN ICE RACE 3K 1-2-3 Valuable prizes,Awards in Absolute Category

13 and 14 of December 2020 from 11 to 20 we will start distribution of goody bags in Moscow. (EQUIPION , Moscow , Leningradskoe Highway, 36, Dinamo Stadium Arena Plaza and 17-18 of December 2021 you can pick up you Bag on Mad Fox Expo from 11 to 20 on the territory of Azimut Hotel (Pereslavl-Zalesskiy)

Finisher certificate


List of participants MadFox Ultra 2020,december


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